Terms & Conditions

KidZania Cairo Terms and Conditions

KidZania Cairo is not responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen tickets.
KidZania Cairo may change operating hours or close temporarily due to refurbishing, capacity, force majour or special events, and may otherwise be discontinued without notice and without liability.
Ticket is only valid for general admission to KidZania Cairo.
This ticket does not entitle holder to non-complimentary services or provisions within KidZania Cairo.
Ticket is not valid for admission during special events requiring a separate admission charge.
Kids Re-admission to KidZania Cairo is not allowed.
Ticket holder may be refused at entry gates if, in the reasonable opinion of the staff, the presence of the holder may pose a risk to the safety of ticket holders, and/or affect the enjoyment of others within KidZania Cairo and/or affect the operation of KidZania Cairo.
Visitors should be aware that KidZania Cairo (or other authorized parties) may carry out. Photography and/or video recording in the park which may feature visitors.
Management reserves the right to refuse admission.
Booking can be changed minimum 48 hours prior to visit time.
In case of cancelling the booking , banking transaction fees will be deducted
Other terms & conditions apply.

About Access

The price includes all services except food, beverages, birthday parties, photography and video services.
KidZaniaʼs operating hours are subject to change without prior notice.
Entrance with food, beverages, weapons and/or pets is not permitted. Only baby food, fruits, and non-branded water will be allowed.
Entrance of adults without children is forbidden.
Children under 8 (or less than 120cm in height) must be accompanied by an adult.
Adults accompanying children under 8 (or less than 120cm in height) are not allowed to leave the facility without them.
Children are not allowed to temporarily leave the facility.
There are no refunds for lost checks or kidZos.
Bracelets are non-transferable.
Date changes for entrance tickets are subject to availability.

In The City

Please be courteous and respectful to other visitors inside the city.
Smoking and chewing gum are prohibited inside the city.

Children and babies are not allowed to enter the Parentsʼ Lounge.
Any verbal or physical abuse for other visitors or city workers will result in immediate termination of your family visit with no compensations or refund whatsoever.

About Establishments

Some establishments have fixed operating hours.
Entry to some establishments is subject to different height and age restrictions.
Some establishments may be reserved for private parties.
Some establishments and points of sale may be closed due to maintenance or remodeling without prior notice. Please excuse any inconvenience.
Children with disabilities may enter accompanied by an adult.
Adults are not allowed to stand in the queue at the establishments or reserve places for children. Adults are not allowed to interfere in the experience by any means.
The charge or payment of kidZos varies among establishments