Our Story

The desire to inspire, empower and educate kids all across the globe

Our-story How it all started

The Dream

The time had come... Enough was enough... Looking at the way adults were running the world, KidZ were concerned about it. They dared to dream and the spirit of KidZania was born. with eyes full of wonder the little ones decided to make a better world. Fueled by passion and inspiration the KidZ placed the first building block and called it 'KidZania'; the land of Kool KidZ. KidZania was to be founded on wonderful values and principles directed to making a world worth inheriting.




In their willingness to act upon their hopes and dreams, the KidZ wrote the Declaration of Independence document as a proclamation of their identity and commitment to making a better world! In addition to that KidZania has many other national monuments and a unique iconic feel of its own; from the Independence Fountain, the Flag and the RightZ Statues to our own music and art pieces. 


Rightzkeepers RightZKeeperZ

Once KidZania came to exist as a Nation, the KidZ chose 5 RightZKeepers were chosen: adventurous Urbano, creative Beebop, thoughtful Chika, caring Vita and their cheerful dog Bache. Together they represent the values and principles of KidZania. The RightZKeepers are the most prominent citizens. When you visit KidZania, take a look at the monuments dedicated to them!

Traditions RightZ

The Right to Be

This is the right to be a unique, independent, and self-reliant person. It is based on the idea of freedom, that empowers children to act, speak, and think without restraint.


The Right to Know

This right inspires children to keep an open mind and learn new things. It helps them embrace new knowledge and experience, thus developing critical thinking.


The Right to Care

This right teaches ecological responsibility. It conveys the idea that it is important to not only stop the pollution, but also become proactive to save the environment.


The Right to Create
To be a creator means to make something new, be imaginative and inventive. This right inspires children to search for new ideas and make discoveries that will solve the greatest challenges.


The Right to Share
This right empowers children to be generous and attentive to others. It teaches to be communicative, develop teamwork skills, and help each other.


The Right to Play

This is the right to find joy in life and appreciate its every momen. it is based on the idea that both children and adults need relaxation and entertainment.