Parents Time

Relax, We are at your service !

What Adults Can Do At KidZania

While children exploring the world around them, Parents will have the time of their life as well by immersing themselves in KidZania's atmosphere, relax and enjoy.



Parents Lounge

It is a special place where parents can take a break from all their worries, while children explore the world in the care of our experienced Zupervisors. Here you may take a comfy seat on a sofa with a cup of coffee, get a book from a huge library and enjoy a few quiet moments.

The Parents Lounge is offers various delicious plates and drinks, Free Wi-fi, laptops and equipped with a large TV screens for your entertainment.


Shopping at KidZania

KidZania Cairo is all about spreading the cheers and so we have placed many stores around the city for you to explore and take gifts for your family and friends. Enjoy the shopping experience at our National Store, Glow in the dark shop and many many more...






Food and Bevarges

Around the city there are various food and drink outlets.. You can order a pizza at the PizzaMania while your child is enjoying customizing their own pizza. At the Main Square Plaza you can sit in the center heart of KidZania and choose from a long and rich menu. If you prefer taking a walk in the city then you will find at every corner a delicious bite; whether its pop-corn , juicy waffles, heartwarming crepe, fruity colorful smoothies, twisted potatoes or many other KidZania Specialties. Zburger is a great hangout for parents to enjoy a mouth-watering burger while watching their KidZ at the Chika Locker's Modeling Academy, Nissan WorkShop, and KidCo Gas Station; and right beside that is the Z-Mart, KidZania's mini-mart which offers variety of snacks.