Safe City

Safe Environment for little ones


Security bracelets ensure that a child will not leave KidZania without adults. The child's bracelet is linked to the parent's bracelet, so that parents always know where their children are.
Our experienced Zupervisors ensure that children follow safety rules. All employees at KidZania have completed special training covering the basics of child psychology and how to interact with children with disabilities.
Surveillance cameras are installed at spots all around the city for reference.
Security Guards petrol the city round the clock and watch entrances and exits, to ensure child safety.


KidZania is an inclusive environment, where every child is welcome to play and communicate with others. The city is entirely accessible for people with mobility impairment, offering wheel chairs and access throughout the city.

Health and Safety

All activities in KidZania are designed to comply with health and safety standards, including all machines and tools in the industrial area. All used material are child-friendly including face paint, food and beverages for allergy concerns. All materials and chemicals used are specially recreated and tested for Kid-use.
First Aid Services are available and provided in case of emergencies.